LEED-certified warehouse facilities pose unique challenges.

What’s a million square feet and green? Why, a LEED-certified warehouse facility, of course! Many people can’t see how buildings with such large footprints
that disturb so much land can ever be green. But the growing number of LEED-certified warehouse facilities is helping to buck this perception.

I’m not saying that just because a warehouse is LEED-certified it doesn’t have an intense impact on the environment. But having these facilities all over the country is necessary to easily distribute the products our economy is built around. What I’m saying is: Since they are so necessary, shouldn’t we be building
these facilities to be as green as possible? Having worked on nearly a half dozen LEED-certified warehouse projects up and down the east coast (ranging in size from 200,000 square feet to nearly a million square feet), I’ve learned that creating a green warehouse is really easier than it may seem.