Local Savannah entrepreneur launches innovative Green Badger mobile LEED App Tommy Linstroth of Trident Sustainability Group shines at Greenbuild conference 2013

Tommy Linstroth, owner and founder of award winning, Savannah based, Trident Sustainability Group wowed national and international visitors of the 2013 GREENBUILD conference, which took place in Philadelphia, PA in late November 2013, with his newest invention and easy solution for LEED documentation: The GreenBadger LEED documentation APP.

The remarkable, ground- breaking innovation for LEED documentation, Green Badger LEED app (www.getgreenbadger.com) was introduced to the Greenbuild community and lauded by everyone who experienced the features of the new App.

The Green Badger LEED Documentation app makes documenting and organizing LEED construction credits across a single or multiple LEED projects maintainable for any size firm.  Capable of instantly verifying LEED compatible materials, this app is directed towards general contractors, architects and LEED professionals who are looking for an easy solution to document LEED construction credits for future certification.

The Green Badger LEED Documentation App, a highlight of this year’s Greenbuild Expo, documents a variety of LEED credits, right from your smart phone or tablet. The app allows users to track construction waste, create and send real time erosion control reports, manage all sustainable material credits, and instantly verify the VOC contents of thousands of paints, coatings, sealants and adhesives. The app then outputs documentation suitable for LEED certification review.  Dozens of national and international organizations were thrilled about Green Badger and its capabilities, to fill the existing gap in the marketplace, for a comprehensive, fast and easy to use LEED documentation that can be used not just in the office but in the field as well.

“I understand the complexities and confusions that are associated with the LEED process,” states Tommy Linstroth, CEO of Green Badger LLC.  “After documenting over 60 LEED projects, I wanted to find a better way to streamline the process for LEED certification so it is less arduous for professionals in the construction industry. Talking to all these professionals at Greenbuild assured me that this App will revolutionize the way we see LEED documentation in the future.”

With a price tag of only $189.99, this product easily pays for itself by avoiding a few hours of time searching for MSDS sheets or submittals necessary for LEED certification. In fact, Green Badger LEED Documentation App has an ROI of saving just 10 minutes a month.

The Green Badger app is supported by iOS and Android devices.  It is available for download and installation through iTunes and the Android Market making it accessible to professionals who see the advantages in utilizing technology to help organize and facilitate processes throughout the construction and design industry.  Future plans call for opportunities for a student version to help build a new foundation of LEED protocol and procedure for a new generation of architects, designers, contractors, and builders.