Trident Sustainability Group announces new LEED certifications – Clarendon Hospital Addition in Manning, SC.

September 1, 2012

The Clarendon Hospital Addition is a 47,000 square foot addition to the existing Clarendon Hospital. The $22.5 million project has two floors and includes a new surgery department with three operating rooms, two procedure rooms and recovery bays on the first floor, and is the new home of the outpatient surgery department. Read more

Sustainability as the New Safety

June 12, 2012

A culture of sustainability exists when green practices become a habit.

(By Tommy Linstroth, as published in EDC Magazine, June 2012)

Government regulation and oversight is often looked at as cumbersome, bureaucratic and unnecessary. But it’s amazing when such oversight becomes soingrained into business practices that it simply becomes part of the corporate culture — so much so that it’s just how businesses operate, no questions asked.

I’ve been fortunate to be spending a fair amount of time lately working with a Fortune 500-type company to embed sustainability into its core culture. Greening a building is relatively straightforward, but an entire organization? That’s another story. There are plenty of great examples out there from Interface to Patagonia, but those initiatives were driven by passionate environmental visionaries rather than from the bottom or middle up. This process has been eye-opening to say the least, but in no way more so than my new perspective that for the sustainability movement to be truly successful, it needs to be 100 percent ingrained into the core corporate culture. Read more

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