Case Study

3675 Crestwood Pkwy

3675 Crestwood is a 93,000 sf Class A office building in Duluth, GA. This project was one of the first LEED EB projects in the state and was further challenged by the mix of 30+ tenants leasing space. Numerous improvements were made to the building for both energy and water, as well as a focus on sustainable procurement and management practices. Window film, occupancy sensors, and low wattage lighting were installed and water use was reduced over 30%. Working with existing contractors, and extensive green cleaning program and sustainable materials purchasing program were put in place for the property. The building received EnergyStar certification in 2006 and was the recipient of the BOMA Earth Award in 2007 and the Georgia Clean Air Campaign PACE Award in 2005.


  • LEED For Existing Buildings
  • Location: Duluth, GA
  • Owner: Melaver, Inc.
  • Size: 93,000 sf
  • Budget: $137,000