What We Do

Trident Sustainability Group provides sustainability consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients in three primary areas: 1) LEED Consulting and Green Building, 2) Systemic Organizational Sustainability, and 3) Comprehensive Green Municipal Solutions.

LEED Consulting and Green Building

Trident Sustainability Group provides turnkey sustainable design and LEED certification solutions.  We can help transform your new construction project or existing building into a high-performing, healthy living and working environment. Since being involved with the first LEED certified building in Savannah in 2005, we’ve achieved LEED certifications on over 30 projects.  LEED certified properties stand out in a crowded, competitive marketplace, and we can work with you in developing a LEED strategy to suit your organization’s needs.  Learn more about our LEED projects.

Systemic Organizational Sustainability

Our experienced team can help determine your organization’s environmental impact using a triple bottom line approach to sustainability.  We use an integrated team approach to create a complete picture of each client’s unique organization and help to facilitate employee participation in improving overall health, well-being and productivity.  Learn more about how we can help you with systemic organizational sustainability.

Comprehensive Green Municipal Solutions

Trident Sustainability Group and its Principal, Tommy Linstroth, co-author of the book Local Action: A New Paradigm in Climate Change Policy, have extensive experience working with local governments to create and implement sustainability programs including municipal greenhouse gas audits, comprehensive plans addressing energy use, water consumption, transit and a range of other sustainability indicators.  Learn more about comprehensive green municipal solutions.

Sustainability, Simplified

Trident Sustainability Group exists for one reason – to demystify green solutions. Information sharing is critical to what we’re about. We understand how frustrating it can be for the client who wants to actively participate in forming their organization’s green strategy but feels lost in a blizzard of jargon and unfamiliar scientific terminology. Unlike other so-called “consulting firms” that tell you just enough to keep you coming back for more paid services, we are committed to an open source philosophy of making green as accessible as possible for our clients. We believe that shaping a greener future requires our total commitment to empowering our clients through education. Our goal is to design projects that are so effective at implementing our triple bottom line philosophy that they will inspire others to join our mission for economic, social and environmental sustainability. We don’t have time to do it any other way.

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