At Trident Sustainability Group, we’re committed to helping create more sustainable communities and buildings – whether you are a client of not. That’s why we’ve created this resources page – to provide guidance on how to make buildings and cities more sustainable. Download and share as you see fit!


Reducing Water Consumption in Buildings – Earning the LEED BD&C Water Use Reduction, 20% Prerequisite

Saving water can be easy – but earning the new LEED Water Efficiency 20% Reduction prerequisite can be challenging depending on your building type and fixture selection. What used to be an easy 2 points is now a tough threshold required for certification. That’s why we created a Water Use Reduction tip sheet that shows how you can easily meet the prerequisite and earn additional LEED points through a variety of measures – complete with reduction calculations! Download the tip sheet here, and watch for more resources being posted monthly to help you green your buildings.

Historic Preservation and LEED Certification – At odds, or secret lovers?

It is often maintained that LEED is very difficult to apply to historic buildings, and that LEED does nothing to recognize the inherent benefit of restoring historic structures. Fortunately, this is not the case. Trident Sustainability Group has been involved in numerous historic buildings that achieve LEED certification – all the way to LEED Platinum. Based on these experiences, here’s a fact sheet on how LEED works hand in hand with historic preservation.