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According to the United States Green Building Council, in the United States alone, hotels represent more than 5 billion square feet of space, nearly 5 million guest rooms, and close to $4 billion in annual energy use. Green hotels and other sustainable hospitality venues have a significant opportunity to reduce negative environmental impacts associated with guest rooms, event space, and general facility use through measures such as energy and water efficiency, waste reduction and management, sustainable and local purchasing, and use of alternative transportation. Green hotels can also contribute to human health by providing healthy, comfortable, and productive indoor environments with improved indoor air quality, access to daylight and views, and occupant control of the lighting and thermal environment.

With around the clock operations, hotels are complex commercial buildings that require in-depth, hands-on expertise by those who know and operate within the hospitality industry. While most green consultants try to apply similar strategies across all building types, such as office, retail, institutional, residential and hospitality, Suite Sustainability provides expertise by hotel people for hotel people.

That is why we have a division to focus solely on sustainable hospitality solutions:

Introducing Suite Sustainability

Suite Sustainability simplifies sustainability by guiding clients through all aspects of greening their hotel. We offer LEED, Green Seal and sustainability consulting by demystifying the process and assisting in all aspects for successful implementation into new construction, existing or conversion hotel properties. Additionally, we offer turnkey project management and owner’s representation services overseeing all developmental phases of green hotels, including: project conceptualization, pre-planning, design, construction, opening and operations.

By hotel people, for hotel people

Suite Sustainability manages sustainable hospitality projects not solely from a third party perspective, but from the perspective of every entity that interacts with the building: the guest, operator, and owner/developer. We call this approach “the GOOD perspective”™. We have the foresight to think through the entire hotel’s life cycle including how initial design decisions will impact the bottom line and affect the ongoing operations, maintenance, and occupants’ experiences. We pose multiple questions to the owners and operators to clarify which green strategy path will make the most sense for your unique situation. We navigate your hotel’s sustainability goals by analyzing all practical scenarios and implement solutions so that it becomes the most operationally efficient building you desire.

We understand and incorporate the diverse perspectives that are unique to the hotel industry. That insight combined with our hands-on green hotel development and operational expertise in sustainable hospitality offers clients cost effective, sustainable solutions that are not just good for the environment and its occupants, but also for the bottom line.