Case Study

Clarendon Hospital Addition

The new addition to Clarendon Hospital is looking out for the health and well-being of patients before they enter the building. The 47,000-square-foot addition earned LEED certification in July 2012 and is the premiere LEED certified project in Manning, SC.

The project features a white TPO roof and concrete parking lot to reduce the heat island effect. Low flow plumbing fixtures reduce water by nearly 40%. The building is highly energy efficient, featuring low-E glazing with shading and a high efficiency chiller and boiler combination.

The indoor environmental quality was designed to provide a healthy, restorative atmosphere, and features:

  • Ample glazing for a connection to the outdoors and natural light
  • Individual controls in each room for comfort
  • Highly filtered fresh outside air and
  • Low-emitting paints, sealants and adhesives to maximize air quality.
  • By using an existing parking lot, the impact of the project is minimized, and

Using an existing parking lot eliminated the need to add additional exterior parking spaces and reduced environmental impact.


  • LEED for New Construction Certified
  • Location:Manning, SC
  • Architect:GMK Associates
  • Size:47,000 sf
  • Budget:$22,500,000


The Clarendon Hospital Addition is the premiere LEED certified project for Manning, SC.