Case Study

Georgia Power Coastal Regional Offices

The Georgia Power Coastal Regional Offices in Savannah, GA are a prefect blend of historic charm and cutting-edge, 21st century technology. This 10,000 sf project maintained nearly 100% of the existing building shell while incorporating energy-efficiency and renewable energy technologies to make this a truly showcase LEED building. The building features a Mitsubishi VRV HVAC system to provide extremely efficient heating and cooling while giving occupants extensive amounts of personal controls. LED lighting further reduces the load, while a solar thermal system and 35 KW solar PV array provide energy directly into the building.

The project has earned a LEED Platinum rating – the first of its kind in the region, and one of only a handful of Platinum projects that are also on the National Register of Historic Places. On top of the energy efficiency, the project cut water use nearly in half with 1 GPF pressure assist toilets, waterless urinals, and low flow faucets. The entire parking lot is pervious through the use of GravelPave, and an electric vehicle recharging station will keep Georgia Power’s vehicles on the road and emissions free.


  • LEED For New Construction Platinum 
  • Location: Savannah, GA
  • Owner: Georgia Power
    • Architect:Gunn Meyerhoff Shay
    • Size:10,000 sf
    • Budget:$1,500,000


    Features a 35 KW solar array and solar thermal water heating.