Case Study


Hotel Indigo Athens is Athens, Georgia’s premiere privately owned LEED certified building. It is located at 500 College Avenue in the heart of downtown. The hotel is a testament to sustainability and Athens’ focus on supporting local businesses.

Hotel Indigo features:

  • A high efficiency VRV HVAC system
  • Efficient lighting controlled by keycards in guest rooms and
  • Two ERVs to pre-condition fresh air.

Water use in the building was reduced by 35% through the use of pressure-assisted toilets, low flow showerheads, and Watersense faucets. A cistern collects HVAC condensate for use in the courtyard.

A strong emphasis was placed on the use of local materials. Granite from the project site used in the design of the courtyard, a tree that was taken down was formed into a bench, and all steel, concrete and drywall were sourced from within 500 miles. Even the coffee is locally roasted just down the road at Jittery Joes.


  • Location:Athens, GA
  • Owner:Rialto Property Partners
  • Architect:Serber Barber Choate and Hertlein
  • Size:77,000 sf
  • Budget:$17,000,000


An attempt to reuse everything was made and even a tree that was taken down was formed into a bench for guests to enjoy.