Case Study

Martha B. Faye Chatham County Health Department

The LEED NC Gold certified Martha B. Faye Chatham County Health Department is a cutting-edge health center that replaces the 57 year old former facility next door. The new facility is a beacon of sustainability for Chatham County and its residents, providing a healthy, high performance environment for the treatment of residents of the area.

Water use was cut inside the building by over 30% through the use of low flow plumbing fixtures, while xeriscape landscaping techniques eliminated the need for an irrigation system for the site. The building features a bus stop on site with 2 lines connecting, as well as preferred parking for carpoolers and those driving fuel efficient vehicles. Energy savings of over 25% are expected, with a high-efficiency chiller and Mitsubishi VRF heating and cooling system installed. T5 and compact fluorescent lighting provides a high-quality treatment and work environment without excessive electricity consumption, and a solar thermal system on the roof provides free hot water throughout the building.

Low emitting products and finishes were used throughout, and the entire building was flushed out prior to occupancy to ensure no lingering pollutants remain.


  • LEED fof New Construction Gold
  • Location: Savannah, GA
  • Owner: Chatham County
  • Architect: Gunn Meyerhoff Shay
  • Size: 37,000


This building replaced the antiquated 57 year old heath center next door.