Case Study

Melaver, Inc Birmingham Office

A little can go a long way, as demonstrated in this LEED CI certified project encompassing 1,500 sf in the One Federal Place building in downtown Birmingham, AL. An innovate design approach was implemented to actually create a space that could be completely deconstructed and rebuilt with zero waste. Moveable walls from DIRTT, modular carpet and suspended lighting all contributed to an office space that could be completely removed if and when the occupant decided to relocate. The office space also features daylight responsive controls, high efficiency lighting, and EnergyStar appliances. Bamboo flooring and recycled carpet tiles cover the floor, while individual controls are available for both lighting and HVAC. Though not a huge buildout, it still goes to show you can highlight sustainability practices even in smaller projects in an affordable manner.


  • LEED For Commercial Interiors
  • Location: Birmingham, AL
  • Owner: Melaver, Inc.
  • Size: 1,500 sf
  • Budget: $200,000