Case Study

The Green Building

The Green Building might be an original “green” building!

The Green Building is a LEED Core and Shell project features a residential apartment, office space, and flex shell space. A number of sustainable features were incorporated including solar thermal hot water and high efficiency Daiken VRV HVAC system that offers individual climate controls for every occupant.

Water use was reduced by 35% through dual flush toilets, low flow showerheads, and Watersense faucets. Salvaged materials were used including locally sourced historic brick and timbers and most uniquely – the bathroom from an Airbus A310 airplane!

Air quality is maintained through an efficient ERV and low-emitting finishes. The historic site is located within walking distance of a number of services and ample mass transit connections.


  • Registered LEED Core and Shell
  • Location:Augusta, GA
  • Owner:Beacon Blue
  • Size:8,200 sf
  • Budget:$1,200,000

      The bathroom we selected is from a 747 airplane!